This web site has been created as a memorial to a remarkable boy who accomplished so much in the 13 years he blessed us on this earth.

A brief summary
 Dylan Crane, at the very young age of 3 professed his destiny to “Change the World “. By the age of 7 he wrote about wanting to excel in all the arts (dance, theater, and music) with his eventual goal of using his skills in becoming a film maker. It was then that he made his first video documentary. To Dylan, the entire world was a stage and he embraced the creative spirit of the arts because of the way they touched people’s very soul. On September 27th, 2004 Dylan was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a very aggressive form of bone cancer. He began immediately making a video diary of his treatment protocol including chemotherapy, orthopedic surgery and stem cell transplant. He turned the first portion of this diary into a short documentary for his schools entry in the educational media awards. This film went on to receive 1st place in the district, region and state competitions. Dylan was unable to edit the rest of the video footage he had filmed because he had taken a turn for the worst in April 2005 (as a result of his stem cell transplant) and spent the next 2 months in ICU. However All Children’s Hospital media specialist Ann Miller and her team were able to take Dylan’s footage along with some of their own and piece together Dylan’s story for their annual telethon. Dylan’s story reached out and touched the hearts of many and helped raise money for the hospital that had been his home for the past 9 months.
Dylan released his struggle with Ewing’s Sarcoma and made his transition on June 8th, 2005

Since that time, the story of Dylan’s courageous spirit continues to reach out and touch peoples lives. Dylan’s legacy continues through many venues such as memorials erected at his elementary and middle school, news segments featured by Tampa Bays 10 reporter Bill McGinty and this memorial web site.

The final editing of Dylan’s video footage has been completed by Dylan’s father Simon Crane. These videos were produced using previous notes that Dylan had made as to the content and artistic direction he wanted his final trilogy to contain.

Thanks to the help from Leo Cuellar, we are now able to have Dylan’s full video trilogy, “My Cancer Miracle Parts 1, 2&3 “available on this web site.

It is our hope that in having Dylan’s videos and stories available, we will be keeping his legacy alive and helping to fulfill his destiny to…

“Change the world”.



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